About Gymist


noun / jim-ist

Someone who engages in a particular type of fitness.

From the Greek ‘gymnazo’ (to train in gymnastic exercise) and the Old French ‘iste’ (one who engages in a particular type of activity).


Gymist has a simple goal. To help you find your fitness.

We’re all different and Gymist aims to help you find the right forms of fitness for you. You might need a 24-hour gym with a pool, or want to socialise in a sports group. You might even want to find a personal trainer to help you start powerlifting.

Whatever requirements or preferences you have, Gymist’s goal is to provide all the information you need to make the best choice.

We're still learning

We’re in open beta. Meaning that we are testing, editing and updating based on feedback and user data. The site may change or have some bugs that we will work to fix as quickly as possible. Bare with us through this stage. With new functionality planned for both gym and trainer profiles, now is the time to join Gymist.

When consumers make the right choice for themselves, they also make the right choice for you. 

Adding accurate information to your Gymist profile helps increase visibility in the market, increase traffic to your website and increase member loyalty.

Personal trainer profiles on Gymist allow consumers to see your services relevant to their area or gym but also for you to communicate your specialisms and experience, helping to find better matches for what your prospective clients want to achieve.