Introduction to strength training: free classes

View of olympic barbell racks at Hackney Weightlifting Club

Do you want to start strength training or Olympic Weightlifting but need to know how or where? Then this is for you.

Strength training improves your muscle mass, definition and strength, but that’s not all. Regularly lifting heavy weights can complement cardio, strengthen your joints and improve your balance. For some people though, confidence in and out of the gym is the biggest gain.

If you want to get started with heavy weights, squat racks and Olympic lifts, we’re sponsoring free strength training sessions at Hackney Weightlifting Club, the oldest weightlifting club in England.

Sign up at using the code ‘Gymist’.

You can sign up for free INTRO TO STRENGTH TRAINING classes led by Daphne Harvey, who, in her words, describes the sessions as “A class for those who’ve always wanted to learn how to squat and lift heavy weights, but who either don’t have access to barbells or feel intimidated or uncomfortable in commercial gym weight rooms. It’s led by a female coach in a friendly, welcoming environment, and you’ll learn all the basic barbell lifts like squats, deadlifts and presses, along with some more unusual ones! Suitable for beginners but scales well as you progress to intermediate and beyond. You’ll be taught proper form and technique for all lifts to avoid injury and maximise benefit. You’ll also learn how to use assorted weight-room equipment and you’ll pick up gym etiquette, which will give you the confidence to feel like an insider in any gym.”

About Hackney Weightlifting Club

Featured in the Financial Times, Hackney Weightlifting Club has the motto’ Power without Pride’ and focuses on Olympic Weightlifting and strength training. As the oldest weightlifting club in England it can be traced back to Dalston in 1924 followed by a few moves before finding its current Morningside home in 1970.

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