Gymist Profiles for Gyms

The first priority of Gymist is to help people find the fitness through whatever activities they prefer. Our second priority is to help you be found through your gym listing(s). This page will help guide you through the details and rules to managing your listing.

Getting started on Gymist

  1. Check for an existing profile.
  2. If there is a profile, you can claim ownership of it, following approval.
  3. If there is not a profile, you can create one.


1. Your Gymist account

An account is required to create, claim and manage listings on Gymist. Your account, once approved, gives you full control of the information on your listing(s).

The account creation process is fast, requiring only your email address. You may also use social logins. Following account creation you are able to immediately submit gym listings for approval. Listings will not be visible until your account is approved and the listings are reviewed. Where possible accounts are validated to ensure correct ownership of content and activity.

Your password and account management

After your account has been created, your password will be emailed to you. You can change your password at any time using the Account details of your account portal.

The account portal contains: a dashboard with an overview of your listings and their traffic sources, a ‘My Listings’ tab for a detailed view of your listing(s) and an ‘Account details’ section to manage your access details.

2. Your gym listing

Creating a gym profile (listing) is fast and flexible. The profile fields and format are fixed to help guide your input and also to help users make fair comparisons. However, you have creative freedom within the confines set out below. 

  • Name of your gym 
  • Tagline 
  • Description
  • Opening Hours
  • Facilities
  • Activities
  • Email
  • Website (requires the https:// prefix)
  • Phone Number
  • Social Networks
  • Logo jpg | jpeg | gif | png 100×100 pixels
  • Cover Image jpg | jpeg | gif | png
  • Gallery Images
  • Video URL
  • Location
  • Region
  • Address

 3. Adding and managing multiple gyms

For organisations that manage several gyms, it is may be useful to add multiple gyms through file upload. Download, complete and submit the Gymist Bulk Upload Template to

You may also choose to manage all gyms through a single login or to give each site control over their profile.

4. Claiming a gym’s listing

Where possible, publicly available information on gyms has been added. If your gym is already on Gymist you can claim it and update its profile information. To help ensure you are the correct person to manage a gym’s profile, an account is required. Once you are confirmed as the manager of the gym’s profile, you are able to update its details.

5. Managing and responding to reviews

Reviews help set your gym apart. While reviews are moderated before going live, the ratings and comments are not modified. Through your account, you are able to respond to reviews and find resolutions. Reviews can be updated by the reviewer. If a review is disputed but the reviewer does not respond, the review can be removed.

6. Promotions

Gymist is a free platform for gyms to use and will stay that way. However there may be times when you want to raise the awareness or engagement of your brand or gym. Gymist offers options for listing promotion and content. Contact for more information. 

7. Data, privacy and terms of use

Gymist retains ownership of all data, existing or added to you public profiles. This does not affect your rights under the GDPR. For more information please view our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

If you have any questions about joining Gymist as a gym, please email