Gymist for Trainers

Welcome to Gymist. An online home for your personal training business, a new way for clients to find you and that’s just the start.

We have the same mission as you, to help people find their fitness and this means helping you find the right clients for your skills. The instructions below outline how to complete a trainer profile (listing) on the Gymist platform.

Your profile

Creating a profile on Gymist is the starting point to being on the platform. Your profile is your place to show off your skills and experience. If you have any questions about joining Gymist, please email Your profile is made up of the following elements.

  • Your name or business name – this will be used as the public title for your profile.
  • Add a tagline – 140 characters to encourage prospective clients to read further. It’s not required but is recommended.
  • Give a description about yourself – 1000 characters to explain who you are, your style and what clients can expect.
  • Profile Picture – like any profile, your picture should be eye-catching. It can be you or logo. 600px by 600px PNG or JPG.
  • Cover Image – an optional background to your profile that will also be displayed on your ‘card’.
  • Gallery Images – you may upload several images to show off your work using various image sizes and formats.
  • Video URL – you can embed a video from a URL.
  • Which gyms do you cover? – most users will have a gym membership and will look for trainers at theirs. List out the gyms where clients can have sessions.
  • If a gym you cover isn’t on the list, let us know its name below so we can add it – We know that we don’t yet have all the fitness facilities in the UK. Add the name of any we are missing so we can add them to your profile.
  • Add your location for people searching without a gym membership – this won’t be visible to prospective clients or on your profile but is used for users who want to find a trainer irrespective of gyms.
  • Phone Number – this will not be visible on your profile but we may use it to contact you.
  • Website – if you have a website with a more in-depth profile, you may link to it. Links will be validated.
  • Contact Email – we will use this as the primary method of communication. It will also be visible on your profile.
  • Social Networks – strong social profiles give prospective clients confidence that you are the right choice.
  • Do you have any specialisms? – you can add your specialisms separated by commas. These will be added to your profile once it has been reviewed and approved.
  • What are your qualifications and memberships? – your qualifications may be the most important piece of your profile for some clients.

The Rules for Trainers

Minimum criteria

As we aim to help people find their fitness, we aim to provide the best resources for them to do it. To this end, the personal trainer profiles on Gymist must be of a good standard. Your profile may not be approved if it does not include experience or qualifications.


Where possible your profile information will be verified. If it is found to be incorrect or inaccurate, your profile will may be unapproved or removed entirely.

Reviews and disputes

Client feedback can help you develop and reward your efforts. It can also help prospective clients choose whether to engage you or not. Your reviews will be visible on your profile and will be added without your approval. You may request a review to be investigated or removed. The ultimate decision on review visibility lies with Gymist. Where possible we suggest solving disputes offline.


Gymist reserves the right to un-publish, edit or remove your profile and all related elements without notification.


Gymist will provide promotional opportunities. You will be able to promote your profile giving it prioritised visibility in search results.

Future membership

We aim to build a platform that grows your business and gains you clients. While membership is currently free, we intend to charge for membership. The estimated membership fee is £100 per 12 months. The estimated start of paid membership is December 2021. Personal trainer accounts registered before this date will be given 6 months free membership after paid membership is enacted.

Privacy policy

As an individual you have specific rights to privacy. These overrule the Gymist rules and can be viewed in our Privacy Policy.